Statement on series,


Kenneth Burris is fascinated by the psychological and environmental impact of technology and how our perceptions of reality have been challenged in the digital age. Producing both commercial and fine art, Kenneth creates work with a unique perspective. The precision required for his commercial work combines ever-evolving, high-tech developments with traditional practices. Computers have freed artists from technical limitations in a way never before possible, blurring the line between spectator and creator. But in commercial art, the medium frequently supersedes the message, resulting in works that lack depth and originality. In his fine-art practice, Kenneth is intensely aware of this historical context and the changing social function of art.

Any event is experienced through subjective translation.  Language is the primary mediator between self and objective reality, and we analyze experience and shared information to inform how we navigate the world.  But, in this time of extreme information accessibility and overload, the individual is often left impotent as a receiver of a relentlessly urgent informational deluge.  In my work, I focus that power of translation from the intellectualized reality of media to the experiential reality of creation.   Working as a billboard painter, I came to understand the power of images in shaping social action.  As the political machine fails to move against the catastrophic environmental crisis of global warming, we must become own mechanisms of accountability.  My art is both an exorcism and a call to action against the powerlessness.  With their large scale and intense detail, my pieces replicate the environmental and mental toxicity of contemporary life; however, in their execution from digital chaos to handmade artifact, they represent and promote creativity and activity as promising steps toward material solutions.