GROW! art show…

Dear friends, please join me July 13th 6-9pm for the opening reception of “GROW”, a juried exhibition. from ArTHOUSE NYC. One of my works “Antarctic Pheonix” has been selected for digital display and catalog distribution. Please RSVP. Thank you! and see ya soon!!!!       #ARTHOUSENYC #KENNETHBURRISSTUDIO #GROUPSHOW #NYC

Superfine! A fairest of fairs..

It’s almost time everyone. Superfine! Art fair is May 4-7th. And everyone is invited!  Join me at booth 6A to see my latest works “No time to evolve”,  Monsters, fantasies, and imagination!  Fishing this again is a oil on canvas 2017 Enjoy 

Is melting ice a bad thing?

A future without ice is not good for our beautiful Polar bears friends.. so let’s imagine a world without ice! This is a painting of mine, Meeting of minds.. Oil on canvas 40x 60 inches.. #kennethburris #contemporaryart  

New prints soon!

As I continue to develop my store I like to share a sneak peak at a drawing I’m going to print. This drawing is called King of the Mountain. Graphite on Bristol. 18×24 inches. The work is currently showcased at JM Gallery in Dallas Texas. Enjoy!


What a crazy day! living in NYC as an artist is always more taxing than its suppose to be…. bla! Anyway back to work.. The painting is called “Roadrunner”, Oil on canvas 30 x 36 inches. Check out more @ Thanks!

King of the Mountain

this is king of the mountain,, a drawing i did last year. i used a software program call cryengine sdk to design its environment. check out more images via website.. 🙂

Getting started is a dickens!

Things are a bit messy around here so please bear with me why i get 2017 and this site off the ground. YES it has been a little while sense my last posting but its time to make 2017 a great year! I know many artist like myself feel 2017 and our current political environment…

I like to introduce myself…

Hello! my name is Kenneth Burris and I am an artist living and working in New York City for almost two decades now. Wow now that’s a long time! Here’s a small one minute video hope this helps…. Lunch with this little cutie!